2013 Preceptor of the year award

2012-2013 Outstanding Preceptor of the Year Award

Bestowed during the University of Connecticut "Preceptor Appreciation Dinner" held at Saint Clements Castle in Portland, CT.

Being a preceptor keeps me very busy… that’s for sure and my students keep me on my toes and focused with an eye on learning "how to  always improve my teaching".  I am delighted to hear of their many personal and professional successes and this provides me with the best inspiration.

Precepting and mentoring our next generation of pharmacy practitioners is an excellent and very rewarding way to give back to the pharmacy profession.

Faculty Service Award 2015

CSHP Meritorious Achievement award, 2011

ASHP, Fellow of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists 2008

CSHP, Pharmacist of the Year award, 2007